EVEN A PANDEMIC CAN’T STOP CRANBROOK TEAMWORK FROM HELPING OUR OWN… Non-Profit organizations aided by volunteers (individuals, churches, businesses) who have allowed us and other non-profits to deliver and replace regular volunteers at high risk. Increased Food and cash Donations from our local Grocery stores, businesses and individuals. Cranbrook Food Recovery team helping non-profits distribute food. Locals making us homemade masks and Cleaning companies providing CDC-recommended daily cleaning to help keep us safe (Gilgal Janitorial Services serving us well!). Non-profits, Churches and new COVID-19 Caremongering groups working together to ensure that no one in need falls through the cracks. Local news services, radio stations helping spread the word.Thank you to all!!

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​     FOOD PANTRIES      

          Locations in Cranbrook:

    701 King St#4 on Matchett

    111 8th Ave S, across from the old Food Bank location

    126 17th Ave S, back lane, 17A  Ave S.

    2220 2nd St S inside fence to right

   1962 Kokanee Crescent

   33 724 Innes Ave

  421 Briar Ave NW

​             *Maintained by Healthy Caring Meals and the citizens

              of Cranbrook

We are also generously supported by:

Book a Hamper:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

9:30am to 12:30pm

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

9:30am to 2:00pm


CASH DONATIONS can be made on our by credit card or E-Transfer on our Donate Now page - OR -  by cheque mailed or deposited through our Food Bank front door mail box (1624 Industrial Road S. ) 

FOOD DONATIONS are received Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm or 9 - 12pm Tuesdays. Or drop in the blue Donation bin outside our office entrance.  If over 100lbs,  we'll help unload through our warehouse bay doors.  We can always use rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy kids' snacks (fruit cups or fruit leathers, pkg nuts, pkg cheese/crackers etc), dried soups, pasta sauces, canned fruit, yogurt, healthy snacks, and tampons.  NO EXPIRED FOOD PLEASE.

BOOK A HAMPER:  Please phone 250-426-7664 between  9:30 and 12:30 pm, Monday, Wednesday or Fridays for an appointment that afternoon.  Masks & social distancing in place during COVID-19 restrictions.

           Food Hamper DELIVERY available for those unable to leave their homes. 

Eligibility : Every two weeks, if needed.

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1624 Industrial Road 2

Cranbrook, BC   V1C  6R2

250 426 7664




In 2020 and 2021 we have an active client base of ~2500, and are feeding an average of 100 - 130 people per day.

Many of our new clients are working-families with low incomes or have recently lost their job, those with disabilities or seniors.  35% of our clients are children.

The cost of groceries has increased significantly since 2019.

This  helps explain the increase in demand for our service and affects our buying power.

We are fully dependent on and very grateful for, donations from the generous individuals and corporations

(ie. Safeway, Save-On, Superstore, Walmart, BC Gaming, EK Foundations, United Way, CBT)

which continue to support us by helping us help others.  THANK YOU!!


                                           CASH OR FOOD DONATION - Which is Better?

Food Banks Canada devised a "national meals metric" for Canadian Food Banks that can easily be understood by Canadians:  

        For every $1 donated food banks are able to acquire and share 3lbs of food

or the equivalent of 3 meals.

However, we appreciate BOTH, as it takes a lot of manpower to shop too.  THANK YOU!