104  8th Ave S

Cranbrook, BC

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Cranbrook Food Bank Community Food Bank For Cranbrook And Area

we are a 100% volunteer organization

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The Food Bank started in Cranbrook in 1982 in the basement of the Labor Centre on 9th. Ave. lt started because of the collapse in the economy, largely in the forest industry.

           It was meant to be temporary!

Then the Labor Centre donated the Food Bank building, our current location, on 8*" Ave to us to house the growing clientele. 

  • We give out an average of 405 hampers/month
  • Hampers increased 4% from 20l 3 to 2014.
  • Of the people receiving hampers 38.5% are children.
  • We give out an average of 31,500 pounds (14,290 kg) of food a month.
  • We give out an average of 3,900 pounds (1,770 kg) of produce a month or 335 pounds every day that we are open.
  • We spend close to $4,000 a month on food. This includes meat and vegetables.
  • Safeway generously supports us with donations of produce but we still need to purchase potatoes and carrots to supplement their donations.
  • We spend approx. $550/month on produce.
  • Food bank is run entirely on volunteers. We have approx. 45 volunteers. On any day that the Food Bank is open we need l4 to l6 volunteers to run the Food Bank.
  • Approximately 2600 man-hours are invested in our operation every month.