The Cranbrook Food Bank applied for and received a Community Gaming Grant from the BC Government. This grant will help support the existing services that we offer.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia.

We are generously supported by
United Way East Kootenay

Donate Now Through!

For every $1.00 donated

we can purchase food items of $1.50 to $2.00 in value

with our access to bulk and discount specials

If you prefer to not donate on-line,
Mail or Drop off cash or cheque

(made out to "Cranbrook Food Bank") 
directly to us at the Food Bank

104   8 Ave S, Cranbrook, BC  V1C 2K5

(Income tax receipts for donations of $20 or more will be mailed to you.)

We have been a registered Canadian non-profit charity since 1987.

We spend approximately $550/month on produce.

We spend close to $4,000 a month on food.

Know Us

we are a 100% volunteer organization

Visit Us

104  8th Ave S

Cranbrook, BC

250 426 7664

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Do you know how much of an impact your donation makes?  How far your dollar goes?      

             What's better, monetary donation or food donation?  

Well, while this metric has been used for some time now and as a local food bank you may have your own meal metric based on your individual situation, it's a good time to re-visit.  Food Banks Canada devised a "national meals metric" for Canadian Food Banks that can easily be understood by Canadians. 

        For every $1 donated food banks are able to acquire and share 3lbs of food

or the equivalent of 3 meals.

To learn more on establishing this national metric, click here