104  8th Ave S

Cranbrook, BC

250 426 7664

The photo was taken Friday, January 27, 2017  when a group of our individuals came and worked in the warehouse.

I would also like to thank you for allowing our individuals the opportunity to come and volunteer in the warehouse, they had a great time. 
Thank you
Kristin Galanov

918 Kootenay Street N. 
Cranbrook, B.C. 
(Realize Empowerment Access Life to the Maximum)

On any day that the Food Bank is open we need l4 to l6 volunteers to run the Food Bank.

we are a 100% volunteer organization

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Volunteers work a variety of hours, packing and unpacking donated items in our warehouse or Food Bank, assembling hampers, or in the office.  Interested?  Come in and talk to our manager and fill out a volunteer application.

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Approximately 2600 man-hours are invested in our operation every month.

More volunteers are required during food hamper days:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

> Office:  9:45am to 1pm  OR   10:00am to 2:00pm’ish

>  Driver / pickup goods:       9am -12pm     (some heavy lifting involved)
       >  Food sorters:         9am -12pm
       >  Hamper packers:           12pm – 2:30pm
       > Hamper Shoppers:    12pm – 2:30pm
If you can spare 3 hrs a week on a consistent basis, please call the Food Bank between 12 and 2pm Monday, Wednesday or Friday @ 250-426-7664.
We appreciate your support!

Food bank is run entirely on volunteers.

We have approximately 45 volunteers.