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If you have food allergies or special diet needs such as:

diabetic, high protein, high fibre, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, etc. you must tell us during your application.

Unless we have run out of an item, or you have allergies prohibiting a particular item the following should be in your hamper, in quantities determined by family size:

  • Protein – Beans, Meat, Poultry, Fish – frozen or canned
  • Vegetables and fruit, fresh and/or canned.  Juice may be reserved for children depending on supply
  • Grains – Pasta, rice, cereal, crackers etc.
  • Dairy – Milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt dependent on supply and given first to children and pregnant applicants.  Lactose-free, almond milk sometimes available.
  • Snack foods, baking goods – dependent on supply
  • Birthday cakes when available, for children 15 and under (identify when applying)

We do our best to follow Canada Food Guide recommendations   However, as we are dependent on donations, we may not always have adequate meat, dairy or vegetables.

What's in a Hamper

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Bread is usually available during open hours M, W, F

Help yourself...

Up to 3 loaves for each hamper

Items such as products, pet food, laundry products, and diapers may be available and may be requested at the time you pick up your hamper.

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